I became a patient of Dr Sullivan over three years ago. I had suffered from back pain for 25 years and was missing 2-3 weeks of work a year because of it. The quality of my life and overall health has greatly increased since beginning care. As a runner, I constantly had to suspend my training due to issues related to my back. I had dreamed of running a marathon for many years but was never able to string together 5 months of uninterrupted training. I am happy to say that on June 14th, 2009, that dream finally came true. I ran 26.2 miles in the Lake Placid Marathon. I had many people supporting and encouraging me during my training but I know that it would not have been possible without those 5 months of training. I also know those 5 months would not have been possible without the excellent care of Dr Sullivan.

I think about all those years of suffering, of trips to the emergency room, and visits to the occupational health office. I think about all the lost days of work and play and the pain medicine and the muscle relaxers. I think about all the different doctors who told me that my problems were all in my head or just a pulled muscle. I had always known that they were wrong but no one was ever able to pinpoint what the problem was. Not only did Dr Sullivan discover that I had scoliosis on the first visit, he also created a plan to deal with it. I am happy to say that I have not missed a single day of work or play and have not been to the emergency room or occupational health office since the day I first slumped into his office. No more drugs either. The difference has been night and day.

The marathon I ran was with Team in Training, which is the fund-raising arm of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Not only did Dr Sullivan keep my back healthy during my entire training, he personally contributed to my fund-raising campaign in which I raised over $2600. Besides being an excellent Chiropractor, Dr Sullivan is also a generous and caring person.

Bob Rangel
Endicott, NY

Spectacular Benefits!

I first met Dr. Sullivan when he came to the store where I worked and talked about the benefits of chiropractic care. I decided to give it a try because I was having a problem walking on my one foot and my doctor was recommending surgery. I also had difficulty standing up after sitting for a while, I suffered from heartburn and I have a thyroid condition that made me feel tired all the time. Recently my doctor found a lump in my breast. There are so many ways I’ve benefited from chiropractic care. My foot has healed without an operation, I have regained my energy and then some since starting the thyroid medication, I no longer feel as though I have to sleep a lot. My heartburn has disappeared, I can stand right up without aching and the lump in my breast is getting smaller! Also for the past 30 years I’ve worn a corset because of my back pain from being on my feet. Now I don’t even need to wear it anymore thanks to chiropractic care. I am so glad I did something about my health. It’s allowing me to still work full time and I don’t have to expect to feel bad as I get older. I feel years younger and I’m glad to find out that I can feel good and enjoy life. Everybody in the office is very pleasant. Not knowing what to expect when I started, I must say now that I look forward to my visits!

Carolyn Maule
Endicott, NY

A Chiropractor in the Making…

I was inspired by a rugby teammate to return to Binghamton University and become a chiropractor. I called many chiropractors in the Binghamton area hoping to land an internship where I could learn about chiropractic first hand. I never expected to meet someone like Dr. Doug. He has welcomed me into the BC Chiropractic Family with open arms and has taught me more than I could have ever hoped to learn. I am officially hooked! Aside from allowing me to observe, Dr. Sullivan has also taken me into his care. For years I have played rugby putting constant pain and grueling punishment on my ‘god-like’ body. Neck, shoulder and back pain were the results. For years I have not been able to get a solid night of rest, that is, of course until I met Dr. Doug. After only a few weeks of care, my aches subsided and I can finally sleep the whole night through which gives me so much more energy each day. I can honestly say that my quality of life has dramatically increased. Coming to BC Chiropractic is quick, easy and enjoyable. Dr. Doug is truly a role model for the chiropractic profession. I cannot wait to follow in his footsteps and make him proud!

Doug Lightstone
Binghamton University

I Call Him the “Magic Man”

I first came to see Dr. Sullivan back in 2001. I just happened to pick him out of the phone book. I was suffering badly with terrible lower back pain that made it really difficult to walk at times. Sometimes I even had to use a walker to help me along. Had it not been for chiropractic care, my life would certainly have headed down hill. I probably would have been in terrible pain all the time and ended up not being able to walk at all or perhaps with equipment of some sort. I would have had nothing good to look forward to and certainly had no fun. Dr. Doug found out that I had one leg shorter than the other and gradually balanced them out with some heel lifts. Since beginning care I can honestly say that I feel WONDERFUL! I call Dr. Doug the “magic man.” I get adjusted regularly now and believe that lifetime chiropractic care will keep me this way. Dr. Doug has great knowledge and has such wonderful people here. They really care about you and provide outstanding care. You definitely come first here! I know that I can call on them anytime and feel really great from adjustment to adjustment!

Raymond Bartkowski
Nichols, NY

Good Bye Headaches, Allergies and IBS!

I was referred to Dr. Sullivan by my doctor, Dr. Carangelo, for TMJ treatment. My biggest complaint was severe neck pain that made day to day movements difficult. Additionally, I had been struggling with a number of ailments namely TMJ, GERD, IBS, allergies and constant headaches that plagued me daily. Within one week of care from Dr. Sullivan I felt 100% better in my neck. By the third week of getting adjusted my headaches were gone and my IBS had noticeably decreased. By my 90 day evaluation I was able to stop taking 4 out of 5 allergy prescriptions, all fiber supplements and all headache remedies. I feel better than I have in years! Without chiropractic care I would have continued to seek medical care with more prescriptions and no real improvement. Today, I spend less time and money at the drug store and with regular adjustments I believe that the worst of my symptoms will be eliminated. B.C. Chiropractic is great in that the schedule is very flexible to work around and I am always greeted with friendly, welcoming faces.

Rebecca Wright
Port Crane, NY